It’s the middle of May. Do you know what that means?!?!?


Training camp is here!!! I love this time of year and I can FINALLY get my fix of football (I started going through withdrawals by mid-December, you know - it’s been a LONG winter).

So, for the next 3 weeks, my days will look like one of the following…

Days off:

  • wake up

  • attend practice & take photos, meet and greet with players and other fans

  • head home to grab my laptop

  • lunch while editing photos

  • edit photos

  • supper while editing photos

  • edit photos

  • post photos

  • sleep

  • repeat

Work Days:

  • wake up

  • attend practice & take photos, meet and greet players and other fans

  • edit photos for an hour or two

  • drive to work

  • start work at 2

  • home by 1030 or 1130pm

  • sleep

  • repeat

It’s a long 3 weeks for the players grinding it out and competing for a spot on the team, and it’s a long 3 weeks for a die-hard fan who can’t get enough football like me. Snapping photos, learning about and meeting new players, welcoming back veterans, and getting in touch with fellow fans.

If you’re interested to attend training camp this year, feel free to post a comment and I can share with you the schedule and help you find a roster. Bring your friends, bring your family. Don’t forget proper clothing, sunscreen, a camera, and of course your Rider Gear.

See you there!

Lisa LukyeComment