Rooftop “Rumble” in Venice

My plan for accommodations in Venice, as per usual, was to spend a few nights in budget accommodation and then a night or two in luxury accommodation. I booked a couple of nights in a mixed dorm at the Generator Venice Hostel, and then 2 nights at Bauer Palazzo.

I met some really cool peeps staying in the same room at the hostel. I went out for lunch my first few hours there, visited a rooftop bar, shared a gondola ride, and went kayaking the canals of Venice, all with my roommates! I do admit hostels really aren’t my thing as I love my privacy too much, you really can’t go wrong budget-wise, but the most important thing about staying in hostels is just how easy it is to meet people.

When it was time for me to move to the hotel, I was happy to have my own room with a nice view and private bathroom, but I knew I would again be alone, and after having so much fun with my new-found friends, I was a little hesitant.

When I got to the hotel, it was like I was in a little piece of paradise. Gorgeous fixtures and finishings, king-size bed, electric shutters on the windows, and a lovely rooftop patio. I messaged my hostel-mates (there were 3 of them that were still around) and told them they were coming over to my place for the evening. I already had dinner plans with one of them, so we all met back at my room around 8pm.

Everyone brought a bottle of something to drink, we had a grand old time out on my balcony drinking the likes of Limoncello, Bellinis, white wine, a Bacardi-like cooler, and rose spumante. We sipped on suds as the sun went down, talking about our travels: where we had been, where we were going, and everything in between. We laughed so hard we cried. I learned a lot.

Around midnight we decided we should have a group photo to commemorate the evening. I brought out the old selfie stick and wrap-around tripod, found the right place to hang it so we could take a photo with the basilica all lit up behind us. Well, we got ONE photo and one photo only, then the lights on the basilica went out!

Finally, at around 1230am the front desk called me to let me know that my friends’ passports were still there (a very classy way to tell us they should probably go home for the evening), we called it a night. They thanked me profusely for inviting them over, and I thanked them profusely for coming and making this night a memorable one.

It’s weekends/nights like the one I have just described to you that really touch you as a person. To think that the week before, each person had not known the other(s) even existed - that we were able to come together by the same love for travel, become acquaintances, and share time together is a wondrous feeling.

The luxurious hotel would have been just another night spent alone on a rooftop. While enjoying the view by myself and relaxing is always nice, I tend to make sure I plan plenty of that in during my trips anyway, so I really wasn’t yearning for alone time.

Therefore, to to be able to share this luxury with newfound friends is something that I will remember more than the colour of the wallpaper on the wall, the duvet on the bed, or the name of the €30 bottle of sparkling wine I pulled out of the minibar and poured into our glasses.

What I will remember most is toasting to great times and many more adventures for all.

Lisa LukyeComment