Poutine & Pinot Noir
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“Good Morning, a very good morning to you all!”

I smile as I hear a female australian accent in my mind and I recall waking up to her voice every morning on the Ocean Adventurer on an epic adventure to Antarctica. I become overwhelmed with a mixture of happiness and gratitude for the opportunity to visit such an amazing place, and the same amount of longing and sadness. It really was the trip of a lifetime for me, and I miss it every single day.

On the advice of some friends who, for some reason think I’m good at writing, I have created this blog, and these are my stories.

Why Poutine and Pinot Noir?

When it came to putting a title to this page, I knew it had to be Poutine and Pinot Noir. How did I come up with this unlikely combination? Truth be told, they are two of my favourite things. One day I went to my favourite little restaurant in Saskatoon and I ordered a glass of wine while I pursued the menu. I had this craving for poutine (in case you haven’t figured it out already, I LOVE poutine) like you wouldn’t believe and so I ordered it. I snickered to myself as I played with the words in my head. I took a picture of my meal and posted it on social media with the hashtag #poutineandpinotnoir.

The thing about this title is I feel it is so uniquely me and reflects the way I feel about life. After all, life isn’t all classy wine all the time. Sure, it’s fun to get all dressed up and sometimes experience the finer things in life, but in all reality, what means the most in the end are those regular, everyday, poutine-like moments where you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Love what you love, even if it doesn’t make sense to anyone else.

I wish to welcome you to this page, dear reader. And I thank you for sparing some of your precious time reading my words and my work. I hope they inspire you enjoy every moment and to live your very best life.

Miss Lisa


Twitter: @Poutine_PN